A personal note to R.K.

(for whom this page was created)
With luck, in these words you will find wisdom, guidance, solace and answers. I thought about explaining them and why I felt they were important - but I came to the realization - words are interpreted differently by everyone - if I've chosen the words well, they need no explanation, only contemplation. I've often looked over these words, simply scanning over the passages. Looking for just the right one to bring my life into focus. And so often, it was there. I've repeated many of them to you and my friends, when I had no explanations to offer in a particular situation. I hope you find in these words what you need at the right time.

For years I've collected meaningful words - bits of wisdom so clear they need no explanation. Serene phrases in a world of chaos. They are bits of text, sayings, lyrics. Where possible, I've given credit to the author (or at least where I heard the saying). If none is mentioned, I don't know who said it or where it came from...but it's still full of meaning. Take from these what you like and leave the rest.